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Blackwood Christmas Tree Festival 2023

Christmas Tree Festival / History

The Blackwood Christmas Tree Festival was held for over 20 years from the 1960s to 1980s. Blackwood Action Group has been running the event since 2016, with proceeds going towards local charities. Since 2016, over $15,000 has been raised, with funds going to BEACON, KI Bushfire Appeal, Star Bears and Minton Farm. This year, we are raising funds for the CFS and Lions Hearing Dogs.

Want to display a tree?

The Blackwood Christmas Tree festival provides a fantastic opportunity for local community groups and businesses to promote themselves. The festival provides an opportunity to connect with and give back to the community. Each year there are a wide variety of colourful trees on display.  In past years, over 50 different local businesses and community groups have participated. Around 1250 people visit the festival over two days. 


WHEN: Trees will be exhibited from the 8/12/2023 to 10/12/2012

WHERE: Tiwu Kumangka



To display a tree, please fill out the form below / visit Habitat Blackwood for a paper copy / click HERE to download the registration form. Registrations close August 18.

Christmas Tree Fest 2021 CK.jpg

Registration Form

For your information:

  • Tree Size: preferably around 180 cm high or taller but smaller ones are acceptable too.

  • The “tree” does not need to be a traditional conifer but something you create possibly from recycled goods, a potted plant or a tree branch. It is up to you! Be creative! We love diversity!

  • Our sub-theme is Sounds of Celebration but it is not necessary that you follow this theme in decorating your trees. Themes could include for example peace and goodwill, a specific culture, a particular period in history, perhaps colour themed., something that promotes your group or business.

  • Hand crafted decorations from natural or recycled materials are encouraged.

  • Power supply will not be available for lights.

  • 180cm / 6ft trees can be provided for you for $50 (trees retail @ $95 min) or $75 if you are not donating the tree. (This year as we are paying $95 per tree.) Trees will be delivered freshly cut to The Blackwood Community Centre on Thursday 7 December. Trees can last well into January if hydrated daily.

  • Buckets and rocks are being sourced to facilitate tree standing and some exhibition uniformity.

  • Exhibits can be delivered ready or decorated on site between noon and 8 pm, Thurs 9 Dec at the Blackwood Uniting Church hall. Enter via back door, off the car park.

  • Exhibits can be delivered ready or decorated on site between noon and 8pm, Thurs 7 Dec upstairs (use the lift) at Tiwu Kumangka, the new community centre in Young Street Blackwood.

  • Exhibits will be on display from Friday noon 8 Dec until 4.00pm Sunday 10 Dec.

  • The displays will need to be removed between 4.00pm and 5.00pm Sunday 10 Dec.

  • We welcome the donation of your exhibit for sale to raise further funds for our two charities.

  • People registering will be contacted by early September to advise if the event is proceeding.

  • A minimum of 20 tree registrations are needed by 18 August to determine event viability.

  • More details of your exhibit design will be required in October along with payment if relevant.


Need help? Contact Julie at or ring her on: 0412 645 053

Do you wish to order a fresh tree?
Will the exhibit be donated for sale to benefit the charities?
If you said NO to donating the tree for sale, would you be interested in home delivery for $10 within 5km radius?

Thanks for submitting!

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