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State Library of South Australia - Melbourne Express [B 56432]

BAG History Group / WHAT WE DO

Our main focus is to gather, share and record history stories of Mitcham Hills communities to look after our heritage for future communities.

Our projects:

  • Booklet production: “All Good Things Come From The Hills” – this booklet reproduces highlights from ‘The Blackwood Magazine’ of 1914 which ceased after one year due to the community needing to support the war effort. Over 1,000 books have been sold with proceeds of $5000 going to the local CFS and Legacy in the spirit of intention of the original Literacy Societies of Blackwood, Belair, Coromandel Valley and Eden Hills, producers of 1914 monthly editions of The Blackwood Magazine. Copies are available at Blackwood Newsagency. >> Click here for more info

  • Writing feature articles for Blackwood Times newspaper - these articles highlight important and interesting aspects of the way the local district and lifestyle has evolved; community leaders, industries, historic properties, community activities and more.  >> Click here for more info

  • History SA Festival participation - numerous local historical walks and talks around our local Mitcham Hills districts have been offered for the History SA Festival month of May since 2015. The sharing of participants’ stories and photographs has added to the wealth of information being collected and documented.

  • Self-Guided Walks – Eden Hills’ brochure is available in hard copy at Blackwood Library or Waite Electorate Office. You can also view the brochure online here. More local district self-guided walks are in the making.

  • History Conversations - themed conversations involving invited long term residents from around the Mitcham hills are held monthly at Blackwood Library. Sessions spark lively interactions and memories. Information shared has enriched our projects.

  • Drake’s Foodland Supermarket Heritage Mural – supplied images and details

  • Train Station Heritage Story Boards - for key train stations in the Mitcham Hills. Check out the Blackwood station and the Belair station, Eden Hills will be next. >> Click here for more info

  • Digitisation of early community newspapers and accessible through TROVE . This will provide broad access to stories of our community’s past, as published in The 1914 Blackwood Magazine, the Coromandel (1945-1970) and the Coromandel Times (1970-1976). Thanks to the very generous donation by Kay Leverett.

  • We work collaboratively with Coromandel Valley & Districts Branch of the National Trust and Mitcham History Centre.


New group members are welcome!

Contact: Anne Hazell -

or Pauline Dodd -

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