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State Library of South Australia - Melbourne Express [B 56432]


Forming part of a rail heritage trail, BAG’s history group, with an enormous amount of help from Ross Hurley, a local train historian, have created three railway storyboards that are on display at Blackwood, Belair and Eden Hills railway stations.


We are grateful to Mitcham Council for funding through the Community Development Grant scheme for the graphic art work (created by Tamara Jakovlev from Design Girl ) and to Rail Care SA for funding the printing and installation which was carried out by Signs by Knight.

We welcome the community to visit the train stations to learn about our local history and explore the railway artefacts nearby.


Want to know more about the history of the Belair Railway Station?

Belair, in the Adelaide Hills, was one of the prettiest stations on the old SAR system, and the destination for visitors by rail to National Park. Ross Hurley takes us through the history of this popular station on the Main South Line. Click here to read more!

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