Blackwood Action Group / Greening Projects

BAG has been working hard to improve the aesthetic appearance of Blackwood and the surrounding area and has embarked upon a number of greening projects. 

Main Road Gardens

Upgrade of the median strip opposite Coles. Mitcham Council undertook this upgrade at request of BAG.

Image taken Feb 2011.

Image taken Feb 2012.

‘Garden’ and chain wire fence. Dec 2010.

New garden with wrought iron fence. Jan 2019.

Australia Post Carpark

Garden upgrade undertaken by BAG with Aust. Post and Council support. Toilet refurbished by Council at BAG’s request.

Drakes Carpark Garden Bed

Car Park entrance garden established with support from local Strata Group shop owners.

BAG volunteers construct the wall. June 2012.

Woolworths planter boxes planted with Geraniums. June 2014.

Main Road planter box outside the Blackwood Pharmacy. June 2016.

The garden maintained by BAG. Sept 2019.


Work undertaken by BAG volunteers with support from local Traders and Mitcham Council.

Blackwood Roundabout

New roundabout, completed April 2019. Construction by DPTI, landscaping works by Mitcham Council

Roundabout prior to irrigation being installed. Jan 2011.

The old roundabout In full bloom after watering. Jan 2018.

The original degraded dump site. Feb 2012.


Project created by BAG volunteers at request of Strata Group of Landlords with assistance from Mitcham Council, Blackwood Traders and Church Of Christ.

BAG workers develop garden. Aug 2015.

Finished garden with furniture, bird bath and feeder. Sept 2019.


A commemorative table was constructed on the Old Farmhouse site by Mitcham Historian (the late Maggie Ragless) and later a mock ruin resembling the original Farmhouse was constructed,  using volunteer labour.

BAG volunteers now plant and maintain the site to enhance visitors’ experience.