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Got Talent

Blackwood's Got Talent - A Variety Concert

Information for prospective performers

Thank you for enquiring about this exciting opportunity to perform in this variety concert. Performers are expected to currently live in the Mitcham Hills or have a strong link to Mitcham Hills.

This is a fund-raising community building event, an opportunity to contribute to the community in exchange for performance experience and exposure. As such performers will not be paid. Funds raised will be used for community projects such as helping to enhance amenities at the new community hub and precinct.


When? Saturday evening 20 May and Sunday afternoon 21 May.

You will be allocated to one session or the other. Concert will run for approximately 2.5 hours.

Where? Blackwood Memorial Hall, Coromandel Parade


  • A diverse range of performers including different genres of vocalists, musicians, dancers, and other performers including magicians, acrobats etc.

  • Performances can be solo, small or large groups. (see stage size)

  • Adults or young people from 12 years of age or older.

Tech Support: sound and lighting rig supplied and operated by technicians. Participants will be required to attend a rehearsal and sound and lighting check on the day of their performance. (Saturday afternoon for evening performance; Sunday morning for afternoon session.)

Stage size: 120 square metres

Next Steps - by mid December

Email with:

  • Performers names(s), stage title of group if applicable

  • Tell us about your performance type

  • Length of performance - how might a time slot of 10 minutes work for you?

  • Anything else you wish to tell us eg performance experience

  • Any questions or comments

  • Your phone number


Auditioning: a video clip of your performance skills to be supplied in January.

Details to be provided later

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